Where do you manufacture your discs?
We offer low to high volume duplication and replication services through local Canadian manufactures. Turn times are dependent on your choice of production: CDs, DVDs, Quantities, Packaging and Final Delivery Location.
What's the difference between duplication and replication?
Duplicated CD / DVDs are essentially blank CD / DVD-r media in which the data is burned onto an existing disc using duplication towers; the artwork is printed onto an adhesive paper label which is then affixed to the disc.  These discs are CD / DVD-rs which will play in most players.

Replicated CD / DVDs require first making a glass master of your original Master disc, which is then pressed into new discs as they are manufactured; your artwork is screen printed directly onto the disc.  These replicated CD / DVDs are will be recognized in all players.
What's the difference between DVD-r or +r?
Both DVD r and DVD + r are blank recordable media.  As there are two types of burners, a DVD r can not burn a DVD +r and vice versa; a dual format burner can burn to both.

Replicated CD / DVDs which we produce are neither + nor -; they will be recognizable in any player.  Duplicated CD / DVDs are produced on CD / DVD-r media.  These will be recognized on CD / DVD-r players or any modern players programmed to recognize both - and + media.
Can you master a CD / DVD for me?
Yes, our programming department can master your CD / DVD.  You will need to compile all of your digital files and video you would like to incorporate and our programmers can review it and give you a quote.
How much does it cost to master my CD disc?
If you need an audio CD mastered you will need to locate an audio production facility. Otherwise, see above.
I have a video I want to convert to DVD.  Do you guys do it?
Yes.  If your video is on mini DV, HI 8 or VHS, the cost is $99.  If its on broadcast quality tape such as BetaCAM SP, the cost is $199.
Can you put my video on CD?
Yes.  If your video is on mini DV, HI 8 or VHS, the cost is $99.  If its on broadcast quality tape such as BetaCAM SP, the cost is $199.
Can you remaster my video?  I have VHS tapes (or DVDs) of which there is a number of clips from each.
Yes, we can.  The price is approximately $100 per Master tape plus $50 per short clip, greater for longer clips. Contact a OSMS salesperson at (888)591-7886 for a price quote.
Our CDs and DVDs have maximal capacities that are listed below.  Total capacity is determined by the duration and quality of your file(s).
Media Capacity for each disc option:
Full Sized
CD 650-700 MB
DVD-r (standard) 4.7GB
CD 650-700 MB
DVD5 (standard) 4.7GB
DVD9 (extended) 8.3GB
Duplicated or Replicated
Mini CD 185 MB
Mini DVD 1.4 GB
Business Cards
CD Cards Available in only 50MB
CD Business Cards Available in 40, 60, 80, or 100 MB (same price)
DVD Business Cards Available in 350 or 650 MB (same price)
Will my DVD play in all players?
Replicated DVDs are compatible in all DVDs players.  Whether or not they will play in all players is dependent on how the DVD is programmed.  Duplicated DVD-rs will play in MOST DVD players.  There are old DVD players still on the market that were manufactured prior to blank DVD media being invented. Those older DVD players cannot recognize the newer technology because it didnt exist when they were made.

There are also other factors involved:

NTSC (American) vs. PAL (European) video format - The video and region codes similar to VHS or Television for NTSC will not play in Europe just as PAL will not play in the US.  The DVD remains the same as it is all just content or data.

Region Code of DVD player

  • Region 1 (NTSC video format) North America (US, Canada)
  • Region 2 (PAL video format) Europe and Japan
  • Additional Regions can be referenced as needed
How much video does a DVD hold?
The highest quality DVD video is 100 MB per minute.  The lowest quality DVD video is 20 MB per minute.  A DVD holds 4.7 GB of data.  In laymans terms this would be approximately 47 to 220 minutes.
How much information does a CD hold?
Modern CDs hold 700 MB while older CDs hold 650 MB.  File size for songs are dependent on type and length of the song.  A CD can hold 100 or more MP3 songs but can only hold 65 minutes of normal CD quality audio that youve purchased.
What's the difference between DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10?
DVD5 is a single layer disc holding 4.7 GB of data, DVD9 is a dual layer holding 9 GB, DVD10 is a double-sided single layer disc holding 9 GB (essentially 2-DVD5s pressed together).
DVD5 4.7 Single Single
DVD9*, ** 9 Single Dual
DVD10** 9 Double Single
*DVD9 dual layer can be printed on the cover of the disc because the laser reads through two layers. This disc holds more capacity but has to be turned over to view both sides and can not be printed except in the center ring.
**It is not possible to duplicate a DVD9 or DVD10; these must be sent to One Stop for replication.

Why does the website say the price is $1.19?  I only want 100.
The $1.19 per piece price is our quantity of 1000; we do offer lower pricing than that!  As we are primarily a high volume duplication company 500 pieces is our average order and that is why we offer a special at that quantity.  We do have special low volume prices with a variety of media and packaging options; please see these pricing pages either on our website or at your local retail location.
Why is the price so high?
We offer a price guarantee and feel our service is priced competitively.  If by chance you find a lower price or have a lower price, let us know and we will meet or beat it!  (Please show proof of competitive pricing either via email or faxed copy)  Our best pricing is based on a 15-business day turnaround.  If you require your product in a shorter time, the prices are increased accordingly as your order is processed prior to other orders awaiting completion.
Why can't you print directly on the disc?  (orders under 1000)
Direct to disc printing is done with very expensive high volume disc printing machines.  These machines average approximately 3000 discs per hour and take 20 minutes to setup.  Just to set up to print for 100 discs would cause a loss of 500 pieces in volume.
What kind of printing is on the disc?
Duplicated discs are printed on a high quality laser-printing label which is then affixed to the disc.
Replicated discs are screen printed or offset print (like CDs and DVDs that you would purchase at a retail store).
What type of file is your template?
Our template is an EPS or PSD file that can be opened in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark or another graphic design program.
You must return your art to us on this template in the EPS or PSD file format.
Why can't I open your template?
Our templates are zipped to avoid corruption in the transfer process.  You need Windows to unzip it (which uses WinZIP).
If you have unzipped it and it still doesnt open than you don't have a professional graphic design program (such as those listed in Question 16) Provide us the files you have and well see if we can put set it to template; the fee for that is $35.
I don't need a lot of print, I just want to put some text on it.
We are a professional duplication / replication company similar to a high volume printer.  For us to print on your disc we need a digital art file (which is typically designed by a graphic artist).

We have designers on staff that can help you design your art.  The fee for graphic design assistance is $75 per hour.  If you have completed artwork and just need our designers to drop it into our template, the cost is $35.  If you need simple text on your label, you would need to advise us exactly the text you want on the label, for this the cost is $35.
I need 500 pieces but I need to change the name (artwork) on every 50.
If the content is the same and a simple change of the name is required, we can replicate and label the CD / DVDs as specified. If the discs must be screen-printed or offset-printed, there is a $40 fee per change.
If the discs can be duplicated (printed on-label) then changes can be made to the artwork in-house without additional charges.
How much does it cost to set up my artwork?
Up to 3-colors is included in our pricing.  Full-color printing is available (Full-color = 4 or more colors) for a one time set up fee of $99.
Why is there a full-color fee?
Full-color printing is more expensive to set up however this is a one time fee.  Should you need to re-order the same product, you will not be charged that fee again.
Can you process an order faster than 3-business days?
Yes.  Generally, we add $0.50 per disc to the 3-business day price for each day (so a 1-business day turn would add $1.00, a 2-business day turn would add $0.50).  In the case of replication it can be done, but arrangements need to be made ahead of time with us.
I need 500 pieces but I only need 50 or 100 by tomorrow.
We can't get the replication CD / DVD job to you tomorrow.  We can offer to duplicate the 50 or 100 pieces (by tomorrow) and process a separate order for 500 through One Stop Media Shop at a longer turn.
Why is your price higher than a competitors?
We offer a price guarantee.  Please provide us what ABC, etc. priced you and we may able to beat their price.
I need some discs duplicated / replicated.  What's the qualityest packaging you offer?
Most people choose a paper sleeve with a transparent window for their packaging.  If they are looking for something quick, easy and economical (and still have art) we suggest you go with the paper sleeve option.
I need my job in 15 days, how come I don't get the 15-business day price?
Our pricing is based on business days and begins once we receive all aspects of the job -- including master, art and payment -- then we have 15-business days to produce it.  Upon completion of production we then ship the order; shipment time also needs to be considered.
Can I pay you for it when its done?
No.  We do not begin production on your custom duplicated / replicated project until we confirm payment.  Once we begin production we can not reuse or recycle the materials required to produce a job.
Our company doesnt have a credit card, can I pay by check?
We accept all forms of payment; including check.  If youre ordering through One Stop Media Stop, make the check out to them and send it with the master.
Will you accept a Purchase Order (P.O.) from us?
We can accept a P.O. but we require payment in full prior to shipment of the finished product.  Once we receive the P.O. we will send an invoice to the accounts payable department so that they may process it and return the check for payment in full to us prior to shipment.
Do I have to pay for sales tax?
Sales tax is to be charged according to state and local specifications. 
I have a resale license.  Does sales tax still apply to me?
No, you are not subject to sales taxation.
Do I have to pay for shipping?
This is dependent upon the specifications of your order quantity, delivery destination, etc.  This will be calculated on all orders unless you are picking up your order directly from a retail location (where your order was produced).

Replication orders (those 500 or greater, unless quoted otherwise) do not include the cost for shipping and handling; this is an additional cost to you which will appear on your invoice.  Contact a salesperson at One Stop Media Shop by calling (888)591-7886 for a UPS estimate.
How much will it cost to ship to my delivery destination?
This is determined by your delivery deadline, order size / weight and turnaround time for production.

Contact a salesperson at One Stop Media Shop by calling (888)591-7886 for a UPS estimate.
Can you send me samples of all the different packaging you have?
We have different packaging samples available for review at our many retail locations.
Why can't you shrink wrap only 100 pieces?
We do not shrink wrap anything under 500 pieces.  Our small duplication orders (those under 500) are produced in our low volume duplication facility; we do not have shrink wrap capability in this facility (it is not cost effective to maintain a shrink wrap machine).
I placed an online order and I havent heard anything.
Contact a salesperson at One Stop Media Shop by calling (888)591-7886.  An associate can assist you with tracking your online order.
Why is my CD / DVD skipping?
A CD / DVD will skip for a number of reasons.  Usually its a visible scratch or smudge on the back of your disc.
Will you duplicate / replicate pornographic content?
No.  We do not reproduce pornography.
I am getting married and want to produce ___ number of audio CDs with my favorite songs as wedding favors for my guests.  Will you duplicate / replicate these discs?

We cannot reproduce any copyrighted material, including audio content (i.e. songs, etc.), unless you own the rights to it. Another option for you would be to go with our Printed Blank (as in content) CD / DVD-rs upon which you could burn your own content, copyrighted or not.  This requires only a CD / DVD burner, found on most computers.
I have a collection of ___ (i.e. favorite songs, audio book on tape, recorded media, etc.) that I would like to duplicate / replicate.  Can you do this?

See above (Question 39).
Can you add copyright protection (Macrovision) to my disc?
We copy your Master disc content just as it arrives to us; if it is copyrighted this will be copied in the replication process.  In order to ensure that your order is produced with copyright-protection (also referred to as Macrovision), your Master DVD must come to us in a DLT with copy protection already set.   Please consult with a local video production company regarding the addition of this feature to your Master disc.

It is important to note that only replication, not duplication, will ensure that your DVD can be copy-protected.