OneStop Media Shop Digital Download Cards

Promote your company brand, products and services in a unique and fun way - OneStop Media Shop Digi-Cards. OneStop Media Shop Digital Download Cards

The Digi-Card is the most creative, secure distribution system for digital media, on a pre - programmed plastic credit card shape with full color printable surface.

OneStop Media Shop Digital Download Cards

They are great for: Music, Film, Software, Television, Tradeshows, Event Promotion, Product Launches, Catalogues, Concerts, Presentations, Coupon’s, Gift Certificates & more. One Stop Media Shop Digi-Cards size makes them easy to carry and distribute at a low cost per card. You can sell the cards and keep 100% of sales, a great way to generate revenue. OneStop Media Shop Digital Download Cards

Each Digi-Card has a unique and singular access number, making the card almost impossible to duplicate. The Digi-Cards have lots of capacity and will fit any need.

Once you setup your account, you upload your data to our web portal, we supply you with the Digi-Cards which you pass along to your customers. Each customer card will have direct access to the web portal by entering their access number, passcode and proceed with downloads. If you add a magnetic strip it’s a great way to track your customers, use as an entry key to an event or promotion. How about a “Hotel Key” allowing access to rooms, after which the card becomes a gift certificate for after-market promotion and specials - lots of great ideas for retailers or clubs. We can design and help implement a wide variety of contests and events.

If you are looking to do a direct mail campaign let OneStop Media Shop Direct Mail Service assist you. We can print, package and include a client letter to go along with your Digi-Card. We can provide all mail services including; processing and mail posting. We can help co- ordinate necessary service required to design your direct mail piece from start to finish, that include inserts and envelopes.

We can assist you with strategic planning, creative writing, graphic design, and list acquisition to produce the mailer you want and the one that your customers will respond to. We mail throughout North America, UK, all of Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and Asia.